St. Francis of Assisi School Receives $72,900 Grant

Jul 17, 2018Impact

More than 40 Catholic schools and PSR programs throughout the Archdiocese of St. Louis received a Beyond Sunday school grant for the 2018-2019 school year. St. Francis of Assisi’s school and parish school of religion are exciting examples of those that will benefit from these grants. A $72,900 Beyond Sunday grant was distributed to St. Francis of Assisi School and PSR in early July, allowing leaders to get started on their innovative program, “Catholic Connections.”

Catholic Connections

The goal of Catholic Connections is to increase enrollment and retention at St. Francis of Assisi middle school and develop interest among middle school families in St. Mary’s and Rosati-Kain High Schools, both strategic partners in Catholic Connections. Through a unique mentor program that connects middle and high school students with community members and parishioners through engagement in real-world projects through a Catholic lens, St. Francis of Assisi seeks to raise awareness of the mission of Catholic Schools and their extraordinary value to the community. With expansion plans for other local Catholic schools, Catholic Connections aims to increase enrollment, retention and stakeholder support for Catholic education throughout the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

The grant to St. Francis of Assisi is just one of 14 Beyond Sunday grants totaling $751,000 that were distributed in July. Your school or PSR program could also benefit from a Beyond Sunday school grant in coming years! For more information, go to our Scholarships and Grants page or contact us at 314.918.2890 or

See details of Beyond Sunday grants awarded as of October 2018


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