Holy Cross Academy STREAM Showcase Displays Impact of Beyond Sunday

May 22, 2019General

Holy Cross Academy STREAM Showcase

As guests entered Annunciation School for the Holy Cross Academy STREAM Showcase earlier this month, each was greeted by an enthusiastic student, eager to offer a tour of their school and its STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and mathematics) resources. Students were posted throughout the hallways, classrooms and gymnasium to demonstrate the STREAM projects and resources they interact with each day at school. Projects and resources highlighted included robots, the 8th grade class’ outdoor garden and creative STREAM lessons from all grade levels.

Among the most striking displays at the Showcase was the obvious engagement of the students. Students were clearly connected to their school and excited about learning. One student detailed the way her class had selected plants for their garden based on sunlight needs; another recounted the trial and error he had experienced before finally succeeding in using the school’s 3D printer to bring to life the figurine he had designed; and one smart sixth-grader patiently and expertly explained robotics to adults who had little experience and plenty of questions.

Students demonstrated more than their developing analytical, critical thinking and technology skills; they also showed deep connections to their Catholic faith. Many of the STREAM activities were directly tied to the faith, with educators having seamlessly woven biblical stories and faith principles into lessons. The Showcase overall was an excellent example of a Beyond Sunday success story.

Beyond Sunday Grant from the Roman Catholic Foundation

Sixty percent of funds raised in Beyond Sunday, a $110 million capital campaign led by the Roman Catholic Foundation, were allocated toward the goal of strengthening Catholic education in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Developing competitive STREAM programs in local Catholic schools was one component of this goal. STREAM, “the intentional integration of the individual disciplines…to assist students in the development of communication skills, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, built on a foundation of our Catholic faith,” (NCEA Momentum magazine) will play an important role in strengthening our Catholic schools.

Holy Cross Academy, which brings together preschool through 8th grade students from Annunciation, St. John Paul II, Our Lady of Providence, St. Michael the Archangel and Seven Holy Founders parishes, made many of the advances in its STREAM program with a 2017 Beyond Sunday Academic Capacity Enhancement grant from the Roman Catholic Foundation. This $60,000 grant provided for improvements to the school’s STREAM curriculum.

STREAM innovations at Holy Cross Academy and Catholic schools throughout the archdiocese have been possible thanks to the generosity of nearly 26,000 Beyond Sunday donors who recognized the importance of Catholic education in our community. The recent STREAM Showcase at Holy Cross Academy offers just one clear example of the many Catholic schools, PSR programs and students that benefit from the Beyond Sunday campaign.

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