Beyond Sunday is life-changing scholarships.
Beyond Sunday is teaching and learning for a bold future.
Beyond Sunday is your chance to create real change.
Beyond Sunday is inspired education for Catholic generations.
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Hope Beyond Measure

While the figures here are significant, they only begin to show how many lives Beyond Sunday can touch. The positive ripple effect will reach countless others, far into the future.


57,957 Pupils

121 Parish Schools of Religion

141 Catholic Schools

114 Elementary Schools

27 High Schools

10 Special Education Schools & Centers


525,000 Catholics

343 Archdiocesan Priests

288 Religious Order Priests

229 Religious Order Brothers

1,304 Religious Order Sisters

270 Deacons

54 Archdiocesan Seminarians


184 Parishes

11 Counties

Our schools’ influence is immense and extraordinarily important to our community.