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Creating A Lasting Legacy

Through the Foundation, you can create or support a legacy, benefiting your parish, school or Catholic ministry.

Make a Lasting Impact

Through photographs we attempt to document our lives, but how many details will be remembered in 100 years, or 200 years? We too will go the way of so many generations before us.

Create a lasting legacy that will continue well beyond your lifetime.

The Foundation helps you create or contribute to funds to support your favorite parish, school or ministry¬†for generations to come, an impact that will continue well beyond your lifetime. If you are creating a fund, you can name it after your family, yourself or even a specific loved one. You can also specify that the fund support the particular Catholic cause(s), which may be your, or a loved one’s, passion(s). The parish, school or Catholic ministry that helped solidify your faith in God can benefit from the fund, for example, either while you are still alive, or as part of your last will and testament.

Show your children and grandchildren the value of giving back.

Giving not only can provide personal satisfaction, but it also sets a great example. Your support of a parish, school or Catholic ministry can help create as a legacy of giving for your family, providing a gift to children worth far more than material wealth.

Help ensure a bright future.

Imagine a future with strong parishes, schools or Catholic ministries. We each can do our part to see that these important institutions continue their work as long as the sun continues to shine. For more information, please contact us.