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Building Relationships

The Foundation offers tax-deductible, long-term funding solutions, such as bequests, endowments and donor-advised funds, that allow donors to select their area of interest and direct how a gift is used. Funds are invested to grow over time to create a source of ongoing income. Donors may establish a new fund or contribute to any fund at any time in any amount.

It may be that someone has a great love of, and wishes to preserve, traditional sacred music. Many Catholics have a faithful connection to their alma mater or parish. Perhaps a donor wants to return a favor of kindness that a Catholic ministry has shown to them throughout the years. Their vision can be met by establishing a fund for their unique intention.

It is through these opportunities that we are able to build hope.

A Vision To Inspire Giving

The Foundation brings together families and friends, Catholic leaders and Catholic causes, and people from all walks of life from communities in Eastern Missouri. The vision of the Foundation is to connect donors with their interests. It is vital to assist donors in reaching prayerful decisions that enrich their lives as faithful stewards of God’s great gifts. The Foundation illuminates and uncovers new opportunities for donors to support their parish, school or favorite Catholic ministry in ways that meet their passion for giving.