Beyond Sunday is life-changing scholarships.
Beyond Sunday is teaching and learning for a bold future.
Beyond Sunday is your chance to create real change.
Beyond Sunday is inspired education for Catholic generations.
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Deeper ties to faith are established at school. This reality lies at the heart of Beyond Sunday and lights our way to a bold, brighter future for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. By giving children a life-changing educational experience and by providing families with scholarships for better access, we impact more lives in more ways than ever before. We prepare and empower future generations for a better life rooted in the rewarding joy of a powerful, personal Catholic faith.

Graduates of Catholic schools are significantly more likely to remain active in the Catholic Church. They’re also more likely to make positive contributions to their local community in other ways: by voting, by being supportive of diverse opinions, and by completing higher levels of education. It’s through this undeniable connection that we can secure a bright future for individual graduates and the St. Louis community as a whole.

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